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Behind the Scenes of Searching for Job Applicants

Fulfilling job positions in any type of field within the workforce can be a challenging and extensive process, especially in industries that are known for being labor-intensive. The most critical aspect is selecting the right profile which matches the company culture. Considering a robust training and development system in place, we look for character, shared beliefs, and a good attitude. We take a fair amount of responsibility in shaping the person into the technical skills we value and nurture. Although challenging, with the help of thorough recruitment systems, this fulfillment endeavor can be relatively straightforward. Especially when recruiters are directly searching for the correct aspects of an applicant, there can be a flood of different qualities and skills they desire within the person. Additionally, if the company wants to select the best applicant, there needs to be simplification done to their characteristic trait needs. A sense of insurance that the right fit was selected can be acquired by knowing precisely what to look for in a future employee.

To further dive into the topic of recruiters observing qualities and aspects of an applicant, it was best to get first-hand accountable experiences from the top recruiter at the company. Edilyn Bereguete, our recruiter here at Imperial, was able to explain a fraction of her work, helping me put together this informational piece. Most definitely, all commercial cleaning companies continuously search for the most qualified person upon hiring. The qualifications of the cleaning specialist candidates, such as skills and traits, help recruiters decide whether to hire or move on from an applicant. For example, the recruiters at Imperial always look at the applicant's cultural match, past experiences, responses, and overall work and personal ethics.


While selecting the right team members, recruiters try to dwindle the most beneficial aspects for the company. One of the top features recruiters keep an eye out for when judging someone pursuing the job is how the candidates represent themselves. For instance, the first interaction between the recruiter and the applicant is one of the most important meetings. It speaks for their intentions at the company, commitment to the position, and ability to adapt to different situations. At the first meeting, the main goal is to get to know the candidate and introduce them to the company's core values.


Another critical aspect viewed by the recruiters of a company relates to past work experience since it could be a helpful indicator of whether the person is suitable for the job. Depending on the position, the Recruiter usually looks for different aspects. For leadership positions, the main goal is to find past experiences in leading people, but nothing related to experience in the cleaning industry. Another is to answer the question: "Will this person become a reliable member in the long run?" For that, they need to ensure that the applicant displays a pattern of staying in fixed positions for a considerable time. For cleaning specialists, our system judges the applicants more based on cultural match than prior experience. In fact, due to our cleaning system's specificity, the operations department prefers fresh people with no previous experience in the industry, so they can teach the new hires the proper way to perform the routine.


When you see commitment in a future employee, you automatically want them to join your team. This is an excellent aspect for them to attribute to the company since you know they will be committed to the business and their job. Also, when employees are committed to their job and work, they are more likely to be productive and happy where they stand. Human Resources can identify employee commitment before hiring through a few different ways. For example, when they express a desire to advance with the company. Another way of demonstrating this would be if they show leadership skills and if they seem like a punctual person.


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