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3 Questions That Must be Asked When Creating an Efficient Cleaning Plan

Over the past few years, we have progressed into a post-pandemic world. Organizations worldwide have developed a healthy habit of constantly worrying about clean germ-free areas. That has proven to be a valuable resource, bringing positive results for companies and individuals. Less time waste and increased efficiency are among the direct impacts.

Neglected viruses and bacteria in the workplace are responsible for increased employee absence and reduction of productivity. However, simple planning and strategy creation can help you create a cleaning plan responsible for delivering a healthy environment for your workplace. Start by asking the following questions:

The Tree W's

Breaking down a systematic cleaning routine.

1. WHERE should you focus the cleaning procedures?

Identifying where the highest volumes of interaction occur can help with selecting the places that demand extra attention. Those usually are critical areas such as restrooms, break rooms, and lobbies. Dedicate the higher frequencies to common or critical areas. Clean entrances and restrooms have the power of transforming a building's perception.

2. WHAT exactly are you going to clean?

3. WHEN will you perform the cleaning tasks?

It is crucial to have a sanitary building where business takes place. It is proven that clean environments promote a prosperous place of work and give people a real sense of safety.


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