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The number one reason for employee turnover in the janitorial industry is the lack of instruction on what to do and how to do it.

We do not rely on common sense. Our high-quality service is the result of a continuous training program


It begins at the moment our employees apply for work and never ends.

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Imperial's education plan happens in our classrooms and at your job site.

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We are proud to have long-lasting partnerships with our customers: our training system guarantees that the longer we serve you, the better results we deliver, and the more satisfied you are.

Training is an investment that always pays off.


Here is how we invest:

Classroom theoretical training sessions every 6 months.

Practical training at the job site oriented by one trainer for each trainee.

Training sessions tailored to each customer's unique needs.

Weekly supervisor site visit with time assigned for retraining.

Detailed daily schedule.

Team cleaning system based on labor specialization and efficiency.

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Training System: Image

Our confidence in labor specialization and focused operations reflects on the system we use to maintain your facility.


Instead of the usual area cleaning methodology, Imperial implements an innovative and more efficient way of cleaning: Team Cleaning.

With Team Cleaning, "cleaners" become cleaning specialists, and are responsible for executing a simple one-task job description.


A regular janitorial SOP displays 4 types of specialist.


What Team Cleaning brings to the table:

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A clean operation structure with easy straight-forward tasks, reducing time spent, enabling targeted training and enhancing accountability.

Less usage of equipment and resources, cutting waste.

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Better utilization of time and labor, which results in premium performance and time optimization.

More effective ways to measure metrics and hold the team accountable, contributing to our continuous improvement policy.

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