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3 Skills a Cleaning Supervisor Must Have to be Successful

Selecting the best candidate for a Supervisor position at a janitorial company is a challenging task. The Supervisor is one of the professionals responsible for matching and ensuring the quality standards of the company. This goal is achieved by providing comprehensive training, developing thorough schedules, and creating a nurturing environment amongst the Cleaning Specialists. Therefore, they need to possess certain skills that will guarantee their success in leading the team and delivering quality service for the customers. In this article, we will cover 3 extremely important skills that must be found in the candidate being considered.

1. Communication

A skilled Supervisor must know how to properly deliver any type of message. That must include the language, the right moment to communicate and the proper method. Even though some of those skills are teachable, some traces of potential management material can be found in the person's personality. Mixing natural communication skills with proper training sessions is the best combination. Tools like Profile and Personality Tests are always welcome when analyzing the most promising options for this key position.

2. Leadership

Second, this higher position role must have the right leadership mentality for them to inspire their team members and promote the best practices aiming for outstanding results. Sometimes, even the most hardworker Cleaning Specialist simply cannot achieve their peak performance without proper guidance and leadership. The Supervisor must take ownership of their role as a leader and engage with the team to create growth momentum. That will initiate a natural force that drives the whole team towards improving themselves every single day.

3. Team Player

Lastly, but not less important, there needs to be a clear feeling of mutual team engagement inside the group. Real leadership is natural and not compelled. It is born through inspiration and admiration. That can only be achieved if the team can relate to the leader as someone who understands their efforts and is working to make them more effective. Recognizing good work and rewarding when deserved is key. That requires sensibility and altruism. Both are essential concepts of a true team player.


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