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Launching into Success: Imperial's Guide to Starting New Accounts

Starting a new commercial cleaning account is always an exciting and challenging experience. Every client has unique needs, and it is up to us here at Imperial to provide personalized solutions to meet those needs. This article will explore the critical steps in starting a new commercial cleaning account, from when the deal is finalized until the structure is set and stabilized. The insights shared in this piece were gathered through conversations with Rafael De Leon, Edilyn Bereguete, and Robert Bennett. They are professionals from different departments in our organization, which allowed us to have a plural view of this complex endeavor.



The planning process to execute an organized and specific routine starts after the contract is finalized and signed. The partnership terms with the client are defined as the goals, how the service will be operated, and major frames decided during the partnering process. At the Installation Meeting, one of the first steps in debuting a new partnership, the new customer meets with at least one person from the following departments: Business Development, Operations, and Customer Relations.

This meeting has three clear goals: a) Officially introduce our team to the client, so they can start developing the dynamic that will shape their relationship from that moment on. b) Ask detailed questions about the facility to build its Account Profile and assess the necessary equipment and routines. c) Perform a detailed walkthrough of the building so that the Operations team can optimize the strategy and be prepared for the start date.



When the partnership terms are set, and the general scope of cleaning is well-known, it's time to start searching for the best team members to complete the job efficiently and correctly. It's important to note that Imperial hires specialists specifically for each account, instead of pulling them from one site to another. The Talent Acquisition Specialist's job is to recruit people to fill the positions at the new account, considering the number of positions required, hours of operation, hours per shift, pay rate, and the start date provided.

Once the application is received, the Talent Acquisition Specialist can screen and interview these candidates to determine who is the best fit for the cleaning specialist position. Imperial evaluates the candidates based on multiple criteria, but the most important one is the cultural match. We believe that technical skills can be taught, and we commonly select candidates with minimum experience in the cleaning industry. The new person's ability to understand and contribute to our internal culture, our most vital product, matters the most.



When acquiring a new account, several essential steps are needed to ensure a smooth transition from the operational stage to a successful working relationship with the client. The new account will fall under an Area Supervisor based on location, number of accounts, and budget. The logistics of the official start day and/or First-Time Impact Cleaning should be planned, with supervisors, assistants, and Back Up Cleaning Specialists dedicated to the new account.

The First-Time Impact Cleaning is usually done days before day 1. We provide the training needed so that new Cleaning Specialists can carry out operations by following our cleaning strategies. Structuring the process like this helps those positions available ahead of time so they can dedicate their full attention properly to the new account. Bringing new hires to a still unknown job site is a grave mistake since the team doesn't have the required experience and may get frustrated with the challenges a new building may show. The new Cleaning Specialists are only brought to the new site once the management is comfortable and all the individual schedules are defined and built. They will then participate in personal training sessions to optimize their strengths and work on their weaknesses.



Account management and relationship development are of the last steps of the new account process. The Account Manager is responsible for building a fundamental relationship with the client since they bridge the customer and our operations. Being actively responsive to the customer and staying informed about the industry help provide clients with the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Our ultimate goal is to become trusted advisors and friends, to provide relief, and support our clients to use their time better. The business side is one of many focus areas in developing a partnership. Getting to know the clients personally is one of the most critical factors in building this relationship. Of course, it's a business partnership, but at the end of the day, two human beings interact directly, which requires certain levels of personal touch to make the relationship whole.

In summary, the success of starting a new commercial cleaning account relies on several critical steps, including the installation meeting, talent acquisition, operations, and customer relations. By following these steps, Imperial ensures a smooth transition to a successful working relationship with the client.


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