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Measuring and Performing

Best Practices on how to track your employees' performance in the cleaning industry.


1. The Challenges of a Decentralized Business Model

Recording the attendance of employees within the business world is extremely important since this is how the companies measure its worker's performance and the consistency of their compensation. Especially for building service contractors such as commercial cleaning companies, since they run a decentralized business model. This means that most of the Cleaning Specialists will not report to the main office daily. They focus their time and attendance at locations where their schedule is associated with. This means that having a proper and reliable system is the difference between providing consistent or undependable service.

2. Aim for fixed schedules instead of assigning different accounts

to the same employee

That's a best practice to make the operations as centralized as possible. The employee will get used to the same environment and cleaning routine every day, what will increase productivity and longevity. This is not only important for the employee, but it redirects back to the business, since this employee will integrate in the customer's community and increase their performance as the time passes. Achieving this type of consistency will generate customer satisfaction and provide a real sense of success for the company.

3. Nothing else matters unless you have a strong Talent Acquisition Department

Providing the most professional and dependable employee for each account is a crucial factor. Therefore, the hiring process must be thorough and holistic. Going through employee selection involves checkpoints like interviews, background checks and/or choosing one person over the other. It's a matter of finding the best fit for each party involved. However, even if the employee is incredibly reliable and committed, they are still subject to a thorough management system. Because this system goes hand and hand with the companies processes and how much efficiency is produced.

4. Now it's time to reinforce the system through a proper Timekeeping System

Providing a consistent and reliable timekeeping system for workers at a professional janitorial company is essential. Therefore, utilizing tools such as landline phones, mobile apps with geo-fencing and devices with geo-tracking for the timekeeping system helps with the company’s different settings. Each possibility offers a variety of benefits and concerns, what justifies the contractor's choices amongst the options. The main point is that a reliable system must offer little to none malfunction chances, provide on-going reports, and present seamless user experience to all employees.


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