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Nurturing a Safe School Environment



Why is it so important to conduct background checks within a private school environment? To elaborate more, there are many critical subjects that go into background checks to prevent any harmful activity to the school and employer in the future. Ultimately, the screening processes that take place before employment protect schools from embracing a dangerous unfit individual.

No Exceptions

Now, to successfully approach this type of screening it is crucial to provide a background check on every single individual who will be working on school property. Meaning, this will include all sorts of positions involved in the cleaning process such as regular Cleaning Specialists, Supervisors, and the Backup Cleaning Specialist who covers on occasions. The safety and assurance sensation derives from thorough background checks perform on everyone involved in the company. Not only to the employer who hires professionals but also to the school in which they will be assigned to fulfill the maintenance duties.

What happens during the course

of employment?

Moving on, some may think that doing a single background check at the beginning of the hiring process is enough to know an individual is a great fit for the position. Yet, the answer is no because the employee’s status may change during employment. There must be a defined structure within the company where it follows a periodic background check while the individual is hired. By doing this there will be no possible way for the employee to hide any unethical or unlawful activity they have committed while being employed.

When should you perform background checks?

1. Initial pre-employment background check when hired:

Requirement to even engage in a professional relationship between the individual and the organization.

2. Annual or bi-annual check once employed:

Periodic checks must be in the company's schedule to continually investigate their workforce even if they didn't show reasons for suspicion.

3. Seeing red flags that concern the employer:

The company's structure must support "on-call" checks to diminish the possibility of allowing unethical employees in the customer's facilities. Schools are delicate environments that their community, vendors, and partners must carefully nurture.

Why is identification a key factor?

Lastly, it is crucial to identify the correct employee who is working at a school facility so there is no confusion among school staff or students. That must be accomplished through policies of proper uniforms and photo badges. The importance of detailed identification starts with the company providing a well-planned uniform to the employee, which should represent not only the company but also the individual as well.

For example, the Cleaning Specialist assigned to the school ought to be properly dressed, wearing a uniform that clearly states the employer. Also, it will include a badge displaying the employee's name and a picture to correctly match the individual. This is how the school administration can be sure that the background check results they received from the contractor match the professional that is, in fact, cleaning the facility.


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