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" Spreading joy and Imperial culture with that one phone call" - Laura Kallock

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

This week I got to hear Laura's frame of mind on her Business Development position. The feedback on her job and experience with the company was uplifting.

Previously this month marked the seventh work year anniversary of our Inside Business Development Specialist, Laura Kallock. Within these successful years at the company, there have been countless conversations and value-added associated with our customers here at Imperial. That said, these customer interactions are only possible with the interactions made by Laura.


1. True Passion

In the interview's opening minutes, I wanted to examine why Laura has stayed with the company for a significant time—going ahead by congratulating her on the work milestone and then asking: why are you still a member of this organization? Is there anything special you would like to tell us about Imperial? The answer reflects the time she has put in here: "I genuinely love my job. I have a great passion for being the stepping stone for building a bigger and better customer portfolio here." Regarding the second part of the question, there was a great point made about what she finds special about us: "Not only is the company growing at an exceptional rate, but my team members and I are growing along with it professionally and individually." This showed me how much she cares about Imperial's surroundings.

2. Motivational Thoughts

The active-interactions aspect of Laura's job requires inspiration and an amazing attitude. Knowing this, I asked: what would you say is your biggest motivation to call people and talk about Imperial? What I translated from the response is that the reason revolves around positive word of mouth and simply letting the people know how excellent we and our services are: "Assuring them that our people is the best, and that we provide outstanding services." Telling me more about generating customers starts with the first impression given on that phone call. So, it is crucial how she handles the conversation with whomever she is speaking with since this is how that customer will view us from there on out.

3. Delivering the Message

Creating the best conversation possible is always on Laura's mind day in and day out. Therefore, I obviously wanted to know a bit more about what kind of message she spreads about the company: when you have a conversation with someone who has never heard about Imperial, what's the first thing you want them to understand about us? She answered my question by getting right to the point detailing the way of business here: "I like to explain our business culture and how we love to bring more customers aboard so they can experience what it is like to work with us here at Imperial. This involves me telling people what we do service-wise, our purpose, how we care for our customers and team members, and also how we deliver not only 100% but always going the extra mile."

4. The Puzzle Piece

One of the last questions I asked Laura was: do you feel your position is vital for our organization? Also, do you feel like an essential piece of the puzzle? I could see the confidence in how she answered this question since she is a pivotal piece to the development process. Telling me: "My position is crucial for our company since I am the one who opens the door for our growth team", stating that she loves to work side by side with them during the process of welcoming a new customer aboard. "It all goes back to the fact that I am the one who gets the first meeting, which all stems from that one phone call." It's all about developing the proper relationship: "The company stands for something greater than all of us, and our goal is to impact people so that we can make small transformations every time I speak with someone. Once they understand the purpose and believe the same things we believe, the relationship happens, and the partnership is a natural consequence".

5. Creating the Environment

The last question I wanted to ask Laura was: could you tell me a few things you do every day to create a better environment for you and our team? Responding to me, "It all begins by smiling each day no matter what. I also try to make someone's day by providing laughter in their life. Even on the phone with other people, I like to make them laugh because it creates room for a deeper relationship. For example, just yesterday, I made a call and got someone to laugh, bringing joy to their routine, which makes it even better. But here in the office, I try to build friendships with my team members, stay positive and do my best every day." Well, from my point of view, it is easy to say that Laura succeeds in doing that. The main constant is Happy, and the variables are the days. "Happy Monday, Happy Tuesday, Happy Wednesday, Happy Junior Friday and Happy Friday". That's what she says. And those days are all truly happy.

Through this interview with Laura, it is clear that her presence and hard work are essential at Imperial. She is truly gifted, and her human skills constantly add value to whomever she interacts with. Learning a little more about how she executes the job day in and day out was immensely beneficial. This establishes that Laura is people-friendly and displays excellent communication skills with our customers and team members. We are lucky to have her on our team. The next seven years will be even better. I'm excited to see her continuous development.

Robert Riviera is a content marketer and a proud member of the Imperial Creation Team

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