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Technology as our greatest ally

Updated: May 30, 2022

​​One of our daily challenges is to keep updated on the novelties technology brings every day. If we keep up to the newest features, the only result is constant improvements to our routine operation and especially to customer service. Imperial is continuously committed to giving customers the best experience they could possibly have, boosting communication channels, and providing ways for the customer to inspect and make sure that the job is being correctly executed. That's the reason we engaged a partnership with Team Software, a company that produces a complete system designed specifically for building maintenance service providers.


​​It delivers an automated software that links the whole company as a well-functioning organism. It produces a precise punch-in and punch-out structure that feeds information directly to the payroll operation and also informs supervisors in charge if anything unusual happens in our cleaning routine so that it can be addressed in proper timing. It also offers a method to fulfill the data required to evaluate each employee, as our supervisors perform weekly site inspections and grade the job done in every specialization. Through those inspections and reports, we can keep track of each service provided and hold our employees accountable by the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which could reveal the necessity of either a focused training or a due reward to a remarkable effort that has been done. 


​​Team Software also makes available a customer portal called eHub, which can be accessed through an app on your phone or through its desktop version on your computer. You just have to click on the Portal button on top of the website. The eHub portal offers an overview of all services provided, allowing the customer to have full control of his experience with the hired service. Its front page can be easily customized to match the customer's preferences, so he encounters essential information as soon as he accesses the system. If the user finds it relevant to stay on top of the financial status, for instance, eHub allows keeping track of all due and paid invoices. The customer can also create an inspection routine so that he can evaluate the service by his standards. If desired, the system offers an uncomplicated way to order extra services, such as carpet extraction, strip and refinish, high dusting, or window cleaning, by just creating a work order. It notifies the manager in charge of your account automatically, who evaluates the order and gets back to the customer with the specifics of the service so that it can be approved. The customer can also access all the reports done by our supervisors during the weekly inspections they perform, witnessing the deep quality assurance policy we have. Team Software and Imperial brought to reality a whole world of customer service features designed to accomplish our goal of excellence in communication, dependability, and consistency.

​​Imperial Building Maintenance believes that the best way to improve the effectiveness of the service is to invest in both employee and customer satisfaction. By doing that, we can get to know each other better everyday and conquer a healthy long-lasting partnership, which must benefit both parties involved in the agreement. Our goal is not only to match your expectations, but to elevate your standard and bring strategies to innovate the way you take care of your building so that we can grow together and make a difference to our community.


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